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Keeping the Momentum

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

The longer I work in health coaching, the more I realize that the most challenging part is helping my clients maintain their progress after initially working with me. Ironically, maintenance requires quite a bit of self-awareness and objectivity to make small changes and course corrections that will keep moving your health forward in a positive direction instead of staying stagnant.

For this reason, I have started offering my clientele a new level of service, aptly named "Keeping the Momentum." Once a client has completed the initial three months of work with me, where we tackle their most pressing health challenges, we can then work on keeping that positive momentum going. This entails checking in with each other throughout the week using various apps and methods of communication tailored to suit their needs. Once a month, we will have a video chat to connect and talk in-depth about how their wellness journey is progressing.

My health coaching clients optimize their wellness when there is ongoing accountability and support. For some, that means journaling through my app Healthie or even using the Notes app on their phones. For others, it can be as simple as a text message exchange a few times per week. Still, others prefer to stay granular on their progress and use tracking apps like Cronometer.

As we check in, I'm constantly helping them on the back end by sending along helpful articles and podcasts, helping to liaise with their medical team, and generally being a sounding board for their ongoing needs.

If this sounds like the level of support you are ready for, please get in touch with me to chat more. If you have already worked with me in the past, we can talk about upgrading you to "Keeping the Momentum." If you are new to working with me or have a friend or loved one interested, I will be happy to chat about the options to get started.

I only have a few spots open now, so please let me know ASAP if you are interested. I wouldn't want you to have to wait to get moving forward again on your path to optimal wellness.

Yours in Health,


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