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Forward Momentum

Forward momentum. Isn't that what we are all looking for? Maybe we don't need huge strides in our progress toward life goals, but just some consistency. You know, two steps forward, one step back, then two more forward? It's taken me over four decades to finally come to the realization that all I really need to strive for in life is forward momentum.

Whether your main concern in life is your waistline, your bottom line, or your credit line, you just want to reach your goal....eventually, right? And maybe even more importantly, you want to feel like you are making progress toward that goal. But staying steady in your progress, whether it be diet, exercise, saving money, or meditating, is hard over the long-haul. Sometimes it just feels good to pull your foot off that gas and coast. Sometimes it's nice to just take a break.

Most of my life I have ridden myself hard to get there. Wherever "there" was, I would wear myself down in the quest to achieve what I had set my mind to. The problem with this go-go-go mentality, is that by the time I would reach my goal, I'd be too exhausted to celebrate. Lately, I've been learning to go with the flow a bit more. Sometimes I wake up ready to tackle everything on my list. Other days, I just need to curl up in a ball and do nothing. However, in allowing myself to really go for it on the days I have the energy, and totally pull off on the days I don't, has allowed me to finally find that steady progress.

Going with the flow, with intention, brings forward momentum.

I should make a bumper sticker, a t-shirt, and a hat that say that. I need to put that all over my house to remind me that, as long I have the intention set, it's okay to have ebbs and flows in the productivity.

Lately, my intention when it comes to work, has been to expand my services and offerings. I have been craving a larger platform to share my health coaching with more and more people. By working on forging new connections, trying new modalities to share my voice, and just being open to new opportunities, I have found that I'm starting to gain traction. There are some days I feel like I'm so far from where I want to be, and other days that it comes so fast I can barely come up for air. But the net sum of all those high and low days is forward momentum.

Part of this process let me to connect with a really dynamic woman, Sarah Brown, who has a podcast and coaching business that just happens to align with all I just rambled about. She and I sat down to record an episode of her very successful podcast, Failing Forward. Click below to listen on Soundcloud. I was so intrigued with our synergy, that I started looking into her coaching. Her Move Forward coaching program helps individuals "get unstuck" and tap into the ability to overcome fear of failing, and use it propel themselves onto a whole new level. Kinda like my own health coaching, just with a different focus.

Moving forward, gaining momentum, and realizing a whole new version of You: that is what the journey is about. It's not about perfection. It's not about a detox program or a juice fast. It's about making small changes, creating new habits, and building on them. And if, during that process, there are steps backwards (or even sideways), be kind to yourself. Remember your intention, your goal, and why you started to begin with. Let the process organically drive you back onto the path. Go with the flow, with intention, and you will gain forward momentum.

Yours in health,


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