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Happy Clients

Prior to working with Daniella, I had suffered from Long Covid for about 2 ½ years. A good portion of that time I was either in bed or not far from it. I had a majority of the long Covid symptoms from CFS, POTS, extreme cognitive issues, low BP, anxiety, and even a seizure/black out episode. I ate clean already but started to notice reactions to foods that were normally okay. At a loss, and being sick and tired of being sick and tired, I reached out to Daniella. She listened to ALL my symptoms and complaints, asked tons of questions, ran tests and started me on a 90 day protocol. I’m coming up on the end of the 90 days and I feel amazing! I don’t feel like I’m in remission, I feel like maybe I’ve kicked this thing. Every one of my symptoms has cleared and I have more energy than I had before getting sick, which is saying something. I will forever be grateful to Daniella for giving me my life back. 

Susan, 50's

Main complaint: Long COVID

Tucker, 70's.

Main complaint: Bloating and upset stomach for the last 40 years. 

When I committed myself to following Daniella’s recommendations on nutrition, I was surprised that I lost nearly 20 pounds in the course of a few months.  Weight loss was not my primary goal in coming to Daniella but her strategies with food to eat, food to avoid, composition of meals, timing of meals, supplements, exercise and other areas for me proved very successful in breaking some longstanding eating and behavioral habits.  Pleasantly surprised!!!

I came to Daniella suffering from bloating, stomach discomfort, gas and other digestive issues.  I adopted her suggestions immediately and whole heartedly and found my symptoms to disappear nearly completely in a matter of a week!  It has been nearly 4 months since I adopted Daniella's strategies and my digestive discomfort is gone completely.


Daniella approached my condition with thorough research into my blood work, a comprehensive questionnaire about my issues and habits and careful analysis of my food logs.  I had been suffering from kidney stones so she adapted her recommendations to minimizing the odds of a recurrence.   She is strict when the time is right, and realistic and supportive when I needed it.  She maintains an appreciation for the Big Picture and targets nutrition from many directions.   Her background in exercise and personal training made me feel she was providing me all the tools I needed to attack my problems.  She has a knack for explaining her strategies that is intelligent, understandable and effective.  I can’t say enough about what Daniella has done for my health and happiness.


Thank you again so much for all you have done for me!!

“Daniella was so helpful for dealing with underlying issues I was facing after having a baby. She asked all the right questions and worked with me over   6 months to help diagnose and guide me in dealing with the symptoms I was experiencing, which included mood swings, fatigue, night sweats, insomnia, weight gain, and IBS issues. She was instrumental in helping me advocate for myself with my doctor which led me to be properly diagnosed and treated. After working with Daniella, I no longer suffer from these acute symptoms; I feel much better and have lost 20lbs, which was a welcomed side effect!”

Tammy, 40's

Main complaint: weight loss resistance, IBS, fatigue

I'm so happy to have been browsing NextDoor and coming upon Daniella's response to someone's post about Keto diet. I met with Daniella via Zoom and knew that her personality meshed with mine. She is no nonsense whether it's about telling me what foods are hurting my goals, or explaining to me how my exercise routines can be more efficient. Daniella provided me with an app, Healthie, that unlike other apps allowed me to upload pictures of my food and Daniella was able to instantly make changes to my diet. Working with Daniella I have lost about 15 lbs. and counting. I feel stronger, healthier and have received many compliments from family and friends. I highly recommend Daniella to anyone looking to improve their health. 

Margarita, 50's

Main complaint:  "I feel like I'm healthy, but I don't feel like my weight is healthy." 

Here is what Daniella said to me:

- Eat more fat:  Put almond butter and collagen powder in your smoothie, and buy those sous vide eggs at Starbucks

- Exercise less:  You can stay with the 20 minute low impact Peloton rides forever, and same with the beginner yoga classes

- Reduce injury: Use a rolled up yoga mat for downward dog, and maybe your wrists won't hurt as much.  Stay low on the bike when you get out of the saddle

- Make a change:  If you still can't sleep and you feel like crap, boost your estrogen patch.

- Really, make a change:  Why haven't you boosted your estrogen patch like we talked about?

- Really, really make a change:  So, have you boosted your estrogen patch yet?

- Get a diagnosis: Bring your MRI to your doctor.  I know she said it's nothing, but I think it's something.

- Really, get a diagnosis:  So, what did your doctor say about your MRI? Oh .... maybe bring it to her, like, this week.  Like, immediately.


No better recipe for improved health.  Thank you, Daniella.

Lisa, 40's

Main complaint: Chronic pain, sleep challenges

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