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Health Coaching- What does that mean?

Over the years my job description has definitely taken on a life of its own. When I first got involved in the fitness industry 20 years ago, I thought that my main goal was to take people through workouts and programs to help them achieve their goals. But I very quickly realized that I was wrong. I was the person they came to to vent, to beat out their frustrations, and to help them navigate all of life's challenges- not just those related to fitness. While I lamented not getting a minor in psychology, I quickly realized that that this bond was a great way to truly affect people's wellness.

When I work with clients, we don't just talk about what they ate for breakfast, or do lunges for an hour. I like to dig deep and see how ALL your lifestyle choices are affecting your wellness:

  • Are you allowing yourself to get sufficient sleep?

  • How are you managing stress?

  • Do you get outside and see the sun?

  • Do you have a support system/group?

  • Are you putting your needs high on your list of priorities?

I know a lot of this sounds weird, but it all matters. If you are doing things that support your goals, you will go far!

One of the key things about health coaching is the sense of accountability. Knowing that you have a framework that we are building and that I'm there to make sure you're reaching benchmarks is a huge part of what I do. That accountability framework is different for each and every client, and is constantly in flux depending each person's needs.

For some clients, we need to use an app to track food and fitness. Other clients text me daily to let me know they've done their workout. I have clients that need to check in 3 days a week, and others I only see once a month.

Together we will figure out what your current needs and goals are, and build a program that works for YOU and only you!

Still not sure if health coaching is right for you? Email me and let's chat. I'm happy to extend a free 30 min Zoom call to make sure it's a good fit and you're ready. Together, we can go far!!

Yours in Health


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