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Filling the Needs Gap

Time and again I'm saddened by the stories I get from friends, clients, and colleagues about how little time and interest they seem to get from their doctors. And when they do get advice, it's often based on the same protocols that they suggest to all patients- regardless of individuality. Furthermore, if there is treatment prescribed, there is almost no conversation about WHY someone might need it.

I'm here to help you fill that gap- to ask questions like:

  • "How do you feel?"

  • "What might be the underlying reason that your doctor is treating your ___ condition?"

  • "What can we do through diet, exercise, stress management, and supplementation to help you feel better right now?"

This last weekend I had a conversation with a family member who wanted me to look at her most recent bloodwork after having been frustrated by her doctor's advice. This woman is in her mid-60's, exercises daily, eats very clean, and is still quite tone and lean. Her doctor saw her cholesterol levels and told her that she needed to exercise more and eat better. Um, okay. It was as if (and likely so) the doctor only looked at a piece of paper and never saw this woman in person- ever!

When I looked at her bloodwork I found that not only was her cholesterol just fine, but her thyroid likely was not. Instead of harping on the details of the lab report, I looked at this woman and asked her, "How do you feel?"

Why is that such a hard thing for practitioners to ask? If they are only treating numbers, they aren't treating patients. And who is to say that if one person's cholesterol levels are high for them, those same numbers might not be perfect for another?

When treatment is based on only numbers, true health can never be achieved.

I'm not trying to attack all doctors- I'm just so very frustrated that all too often patients leave with little-to-no better understanding of what is going on with their health, why, and what to do about it.

So, how can I help? If you, or someone you know, feels like there is more to their health story than what is on a lab report, let's chat. Since I'm not tied to an insurance protocol or quota, I can take time to learn about your whole health picture:

  • What is your medical history, and that of your family?

  • What type of diet do you follow?

  • How is your digestion?

  • Do you sleep well?

  • How are you managing stress?

  • Do you have any skin issues?

  • And any other probing questions you may have or pieces to the puzzle...?

Once we talk about all those different aspects of the whole YOU- then (if needed) we can order some additional testing to fill in details and figure out where we might be missing some healing opportunities. I work in tandem with many doctors to share information, gain insights, and team up to help people reach optimum health!

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