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As a health coach, I do a lot more than just help people make better nutrition choices and exercise daily: I help them explore ways to feel their best! Together, we can address all the aspects of wellness to go from feeling "okay" to feeling FABULOUS!

This is the third post in a series that highlights the four aspects of wellness that I have found come together to create an optimal You:





If you missed the previous two blogs highlighting "Nourish" and "Move," I recommend you go back and check them out. Once you've started working on the basics of what you take in and how you move your body, you're ready to dig deeper. Years ago I realized that I had a lot of clients that were seemingly doing all the right things: eating well, sleeping well, and even moving well.... but somehow they still didn't feel "well." Does that sound familiar? Have you cleaned up your diet, streamlined your fitness regimen, and dialed in your sleep hygiene, but wonder:

Why do I still not feel so great??

That's where working with a health coach comes in. Together we will start looking under the hood (so to speak). I'll ask questions and maybe even suggest testing to find out:

  • How your digestion is.

  • Are you assimilating your nutrients?

  • What are your stress and sex hormones doing?

  • Are you able to detox all the myriad of toxins in our world (and in your body)?

  • Are you able to detoxify your own metabolic waste products?

  • Is there something in your home or environment that is impacting your health?

  • What do your genetics have to do with how you function and feel?

This is where functional nutrition and diagnostics bridge the gap between Dr. Google and your regular doc. These are not questions you'll get answered at your annual exam. What's more, when we find missing links, there are tangible and non-prescriptive things we can do to move the needle in the right direction.

I know this might sound oblique, so I'll tell you my story (the short version) of how functional diagnostic nutrition took me from seemingly healthy but feeling like crap, to being Daniella +

In late 2015 I went through a major life stress- major! I didn't know where or how I was going to support myself or my daughter. I didn't know what tomorrow would bring (let alone next year). Sleep, which had always been elusive, was now nonexistent. And so, my body shut down. I was running on E all day and all night. I was always sick, and my gut was a disaster. It got to the point where everything I ate seemed to go right through me. I got down under 100 pounds, and was a mess!

I started working with my mentor at FDN, and did some testing on myself. I found that my stress hormone cortisol was basically zero (thus my need for caffeine in mass quantities), my sex hormones were also flat-lined, and I had managed to get 2 different parasite infections and bacterial overgrowth in my gut. I was in shock, but felt so grateful to understand WHY I felt so bad!!

Then the healing began: I cleaned up my diet to have nourishing & healing foods for the gut, I cut back on stimulants (caffeine) and alcohol. I prioritized sleep. I took some botanicals to naturally kill off those gut bugs while replenishing the good kind. I started working with my doctor on my thyroid function and even started some hormone support. It took many months, but at the end I felt like a new person.

Today, I still have to stay on top of things and periodically do some retesting. But I fill out my jeans, can eat robustly, enjoy downtime with my family, and rarely get sick. This is what "exploring" hidden healing opportunities did for me, and I know it can help you too.

If you, or someone you know, is still struggling after trying to do "all the things"- I'm here! Let's explore together.

~ Yours in Health


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