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Own Your Wellness is HERE!

daniella dayoub forrest author of own your wellness

You know what I just realized? I forgot to tell some of my favorite people I wrote a book! As many of you may know, I’ve been dreaming and plotting this book for years, so I couldn’t be happier that OWN YOUR WELLNESS is out in the wild and available for purchase. 

For years, I’ve wanted to translate my one-on-one work as a wellness coach and personal trainer into a guidebook for the four facets of wellness: Move, Nourish, Explore, and Enhance. If you subscribe around here, you already know it’s all about a multi-prong approach to feeling good. I wanted to make that approach accessible and interactive because, let’s be honest, not everyone can swing a private wellness coach right now!

When you buy OWN YOUR WELLNESS, you receive a comprehensive guide for your holistic health. There is no one-size-fits-all advice, no preaching, no fads—just insights I’ve learned in my years as a health pro. You’ll find blank tables and lists where you can note your goals, habits, symptoms, and next steps, and you’ll gain access to a secret page of my site that is chock full of training videos to ensure your form and workout plans are serving you. 

own your wellness book

With OYW, you can fine-tune your diet, hone in on your hormone health, explore helpful supplements, build a new workout plan, or learn about testing your doctor might not know to recommend…to name a few things. And because our bodies are constantly changing, OWN YOUR WELLNESS is a book you can return to when your needs start to shift. Some have called it a holistic health bible, but I call it a health blueprint- because you’re the architect here.

Early readers have shared success stories, some of which you can find on my Instagram @danielladayoubforrest. A few readers have said they’re delving into the book with their SO or best friend, which I love. If you order your copy, please let me know how you use it and how you like it! 

Use code THANKYOU on the website for 40%+ free shipping off your copy this week ONLY as a thank you for being here ❤️ 

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