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Listen to the Signals

You might have caught my IG post last week, or the forum topic that went with it. But in case you didn't, I just needed to rant. I had 3 conversations with 3 different women in a 3 hour period and they all had one theme:

I don't feel well, but my doctor says "I'm fine."

What the actual (you know what!) In all three instances I had to encourage these women not to ignore the signals their bodies were giving them, and to advocate for themselves. Sometimes that just means asking for different tests, getting off or starting a new prescription, or just looking for a new practitioner.

Regardless of what your any doctor says, if you don't feel your best, nothing else matters. So what if your blood work is all "within range." Who cares if acne or hair loss is "normal" for other menopausal women. And are you kidding me that getting older has to mean that everyone a low libido. Enough!!!

Your body gives you signals in the form of symptoms that mean: "Something is not right here, please help!"

Sometimes you get the signals for so long that you've lost the ability to even hear them. How many of you have below symptoms, and think they're just "normal"?

  • Patches of eczema

  • Adult acne

  • Female hair loss

  • Unexplained weight gain

  • Constipation

  • Bloating/gas

  • Headaches

  • Low/no libido

  • Foggy thinking

  • Insomnia

I could go on and on. These are not okay. "Normal" doesn't mean healthy! If you have stuff like this going on, or even worse symptoms, and you're told: "You're just fine," you need to get yourself a new practitioner. It's YOUR body- you only get one of them! It's up to you to listen to it, honor it, and take care of it.

I am not a doctor. I'm a health coach. What does that mean? That means I can give you the information and tools you need to feel your optimized best. I can ask questions, run tests, give you talking points for your conversations with your doctors. I can connect you with people in your area who will give you the support you need.

I can help you OWN YOUR WELLNESS!

If you're ready to start listening to your body's signals- if you're ready to have more productive conversations with your healthcare practitioners- if you're ready to OWN YOUR WELLNESS, I'm here for you!! Let's do this!

Yours in Health


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