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Quick Tips for Surviving the New Normal

It seems like our whole world has changed in just the last few weeks. Regardless of how much you and those around you are panicking or totally rolling with the punches, we can all agree that things are NOT normal. Over the next few weeks, months, and even years, we are going to have to adjust to a "New Normal."

In the health coaching business, I find that it's critical to do my best to meet people where they are at: head, heart, and body. To do that, I need to address all areas of their lives in order to make the greatest impact.

Read on to learn my top tips for not only surviving, but thriving as we find our "New Normal."

Keep Your Body Strong!

  • Healthy Gut= Healthy Immune System. This is paramount. At least 70% of our immune cells reside in the gut. How can we support those hard working cells? Keep it simple: eat organic, get lots of natural probiotics and prebiotic foods (things like artichokes, leeks, kombucha, yogurt). In addition, work to heal the gut lining as much as possible in order to keep your immune system calm and ready to fight off actual invaders! You can do this by drinking homemade bone broth, eating unprocessed foods, and avoiding inflammatory foods like gluten/wheat, unfermented dairy, and excess sugar. Side note: if food looks scarce at your local grocery store, look to the frozen aisle first- you'll get better nutrition out of flash frozen then you will canned.

  • Sleep!!! I can't stress this enough. Since many of us won't have to get kids off to school early or race to work, this is a wonderful time to catch up on your sleep. Shoot for 7-9 hours every night, and even take naps when you're in the mood. When you're well rested, not only is your immune system stronger, but you'll be less likely to have elevated fear and anxiety. Who isn't a better human being when they've had a good night's sleep?!

  • Exercise Every Day. What a great excuse to get back into a fitness routine if you've fallen off. While your gym may be temporarily shut down, you have lots of options. Most importantly: GET OUTSIDE!! Fresh air and vitamin D are good for the body, and the brain! If the weather doesn't hold up, find yourself a YouTube video to try a new yoga routine or other. Better yet, contact me and let's do a personalized training session right on your screen!

Keep Your Mind Sane

  • Breathwork. What does that even mean? Just spend a few minutes every day connecting to your breath. It doesn't have to be as woowoo as sitting down to meditate (although I think it's great for all of us). You can go for a walk and count how many steps your inhale takes, then try to take one or two more steps for a longer exhale. You can lay in bed before sleep and try to hear your heartbeat. Then connect that heartbeat to your breath just like the steps. Regardless of where or how you work on connecting to your breath, try to have long, slow exhales. My favorite is a 15 sec breath: 5 count inhale, 2 count hold, 8 count exhale. This is a great tool to use when you are about to transition from a stressful moment into trying to be present for your family/friends. If you ever catch me sitting in my car with my eyes closed, that's me about to transition from work mode to mom mode.

  • Let Go of What's Not Working. When we are forced to completely upend our lives, it can be an amazing time to just let go of things that are no longer serving us. Maybe your morning routine is too harried; maybe some of your investments needed to be reevaluated anyway; do all those bottles of supplements really make you healthier? Regardless of what you choose to look at, just do it with fresh eyes. What a great time to let go!

  • Embrace New Possibilities. What happens when we shed old habits, outdated ideas, and excess baggage is that we have a chance to find NEW: new ways of looking at what matters; new ways to grow ourselves (business, fitness, love); new ways to come out of this uncertain period stronger! I have to give a nod to my amazing business coach for this idea- so glad I found you Susan!

I hope that we can all move through this phase with hope, intelligent decision making, and strength. May you and your family stay healthy and support one another through this time. I look forward to seeing the rebuilding, the growth, and unity that hopefully emerges from this.

Yours in Health Always!


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