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Don't Lose Sight of Your Goals

We are all struggling with this new normal of living, working, and even playing at home. For many of us those once urgent and exciting goals of losing weight, running a marathon, or just getting to the gym three days a week have all been thrown out the window. It all seems so frivolous now doesn't it?

Well, I'm here to tell you that you shouldn't completely disregard those "old" goals and ideals.

It's just a matter of reframing it all. In fact, prioritizing your fitness and nutrition is critical to keeping yourself healthy and being able to support your family. Let's work together to figure out what really matters when it comes to your wellness goals and fine tune it so that you can stay focused!

This week I encourage you to spend just 30 min working through the following questions. You may even find it helpful to print them out and mull over them one at a time. Next week we'll work together to build on these answers and give you actionable ways to achieve your newly structured goals.


1. What were my top 2 health goals or plans before things changed with Coronavirus?

2. If we were not in this shelter-in-place situation, would the above 2 goals still be important to my longevity/health/happiness?

3. How can I morph each of those goals to make more sense in light of the current situation without losing sight of my original intent?

4. Rephrase those two health goals now with the caveat of shelter-in-place taken into account.

5. If #4 is too hard, can I replace one or both of my health goals with newer priority goals. If so, state those two here.

6. What support do I need to achieve each of my newly formed goals? Ex: nutritional advice, fitness routine assistance, regular cardio programming, supplement recommendations, etc..

7. What do I consider to be my biggest challenges to achieving my two goals? List all that come to mind.

8. On a clean sheet of paper or document, write out each goal in it's own column and underline them. Then under, bullet point the following:

  • Due date

  • WHY am I trying to achieve this?

  • 3 things I need to do to accomplish this goal

  • The top hindrance I have to achieving it.


If you'd like to send your answers to me for a little guidance, feel free to do so. No charge for my responses. I am here to support you and help us all move forward to a bright and healthy future!! Send your inquiries to

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