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Corona: The Age of Bloat

I have a new fear for what will result from several weeks (and maybe months) of this shelter-in-place: obesity! Like, globally!

What else are we all supposed to do when our offices are right next to, or worse, inside of, the kitchen? Every time I get up to take a mental break or stretch my legs, somehow I end up in the kitchen. I stand there staring into the fridge for some magical energy maker, or rifling through the cupboards for a nugget of goodness to power my brain for more hours staring at a screen. Ugh!

Now that the novelty of cooking fun meals with the whole family is wearing off, I find that mini snacks that just seem to go on all day. Gone are the elaborate recipes and meal planning. How can I when going to the grocery store feels like I'm putting my life on the line? And when I do have the chutzpah to go, it takes about two hours when you factor in all the waiting in line 6 feet apart.

Well, enough already. The constant noshing combined with a way lower level of daily activity is going to put most of us on a track to never fit into those jeans again! In fact, I highly recommend you DO NOT go try those things on for a while. While we are on the topic, if you haven't stepped on a scale recently, don't start today!

Let's work together to get back on track so that when things do finally open up again, we can show our faces and tushes in public without having to get lipo first!

Below are my top 6 tips for getting nutrition, exercise, and overall self-confidence back on track!

  1. Eat on a Schedule! When we were leaving the house for work, attending regular meetings, and getting together with friends and family for dinner, most of us ate on a fairly regular schedule. Get. Back. On. It! Think about what your meal times looked like before, and start back on it. For me it was something like: 10AM breakfast, 1PM lunch, 5PM snack, and 8PM dinner.

  2. Designate Meal Locations. Don't eat while standing at the kitchen counter, walking around, or even at your computer. Get a plate. Put your food on the plate (don't eat out of the container). Go to a table. Sit down. Eat at the table. Done.

  3. Be mindful and aware of what you are eating. If I asked you to eat a jumbo movie popcorn whilst sitting at your kitchen table with no TV, no one to talk to, and nothing to listen to, you would not be able to get that whole thing down. But throw a killer movie on, a little darkness to hide under, and that tub is ready for a refill. See where I'm going? Get away from the computer, put your phone down, look at your fork before you put it in your mouth.

  4. Move. Every day. Walk around the block, go for a bike ride, do a yoga class online, whatever. If you used to exercise 4 times a week, you should be getting twice that much now. You heard me. Walk in the evening with the family even if you already went for a bike ride. Do a yoga class tonight even after you worked on the garden all day. Keep going! No one is moving too much right now- go!

  5. Decrease your caloric load. Since we are generally moving less we probably need a lot less calories. And yes, you are right, I don't condone counting calories. Calories only matter when they are way too high or way too low, and right now many of us are eating like we are teenage boys trying to bulk up! Lay off the second helping of potatoes; have 2 slices of bacon instead of 4; half the dollop of peanut butter; you get the idea.

  6. Don't drink your calories. You know my #1 advice to people who are underweight? Drink your calories. You know why? Your body never registers satiety when there's no chewing involved. So if you're trying to keep the L.B.s off, I recommend you stop drinking milk, juice, even smoothies. But the booze, you say? While I have to admit that is my one crutch to mentally get me through this, the extra calories are not helping me. Try to bring your wine/spirits intake down a bit. Even it means pouring a smaller glass. If you are struggling with your weight right now, even those booze calories count.

Do you have other tips and tricks for staying lean and healthy during this crazy COVID-19 era? Do you need help getting yourself back on track? Comment below or email me directly. I'd love to hear from you!

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