How to Optimize YOU

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

Targeted Lab Testing to Find the Root of Your Health Issues

If you have issues beyond simple diet and exercise changes, we can dig deeper.  Through detailed questionnaires and lab testing, we'll find a path to wellness together.

Personal Training

Workouts Designed JUST for You

Personal training should be exactly that:  all about you!  After doing a comprehensive assessment, your trainer will help guide you on your path to fitness. Together we'll make it fun, dynamic, and fine-tuned for your goals and needs.

Health Coaching

Keeping It Simple

It may be that you just need to work through some basic lifestyle and health choices.  We can sit down and review your work, stress, exercise, and diet choices together.




"My bi-weekly Zoom sessions with Daniella have been a lifesaver during the Coronavirus.

She magically arrives into my living room with a focused and powerful series of exercises.

I feel more energized, upbeat and stronger! following my sessions.

With Daniella's support, I'm using this time to cultivate better self-care and healthy habits."


"Daniella and her team are simply amazing. Having worked with Daniella for over 2 years, I can vouch that having a coach who understands both exercise and nutrition is life changing. Daniella has not just helped me shed excess weight but also helped develop a positive association with exercising and eating well.

I am an extremely busy professional and am thankful for her caring, yet non-nonsense attitude which has kept me on track. My energy levels are the highest they have been in the last few years. Yay! Bonus: she has a dog who can keep you company while exercising…what fun!

I also work out with Casey. If you are looking for a fun and energetic trainer who can get the sweat going, I would highly recommend her. She constantly pushes my boundaries and it helps that she can read my mind that the music needs to be dialed up.

Cedric who is also a trainer on Daniella’s team is superb. He is extremely knowledgeable and while you may think that he is physically training you, he is actually working on your mind. What a powerful combination!"

One of my stellar clients demonstrating an unconventional shoulder exercise. Here I have him holding

“Daniella stands head and shoulders above any of the trainers that I have worked with in the past. Her knowledge of exercise physiology and nutrition seems boundless, and she is always researching to keep up with the current trends. I appreciate the fact that, after sustaining a work-related injury, she was able to change on the fly to accommodate my condition. She instinctively knows when you need to a little kick in the rear, and when it’s time to ease up a bit. Plus, she has a different pair of shoes for every day of the month.”


“I came to Daniella almost two years ago, with injuries from working out with other trainers.  She has worked very gently with me to get me mobile and active again.
“What is unique about Daniella, is that she pays close attention to how I do each move.  The focus is not just a hard work out, but pushing me in the ways that I need to move.  Every work out is different and tailored to my needs.
“The result is that at age 49, I have a lean and toned body; I look and feel great! I am once again able to enjoy what I love to do: road cycling and white water kayaking.  I have my life back, thanks to Daniella and the DFitLife program.

Cute client and cute mascot.jpg

“I’ve been eating a high fat, low carb diet for the past week, even slightly less.  I was skeptical at first, and was absolutely sure that a high fat diet would make me fat and was hesitant to try it for that reason.  Well, the opposite has happened.  I have already lost weight (1.5 lbs, which is a lot for someone starting out at 120 lbs and not really having a “weight issue”) and not only that – I have the experience of being full and satisfied when I eat.  I eat when I’m hungry, whether I last ate 2 hours before, or 7 hours.  And I’m not counting calories or anything – just avoiding carbs and making sure that the foods I eat are high in fat and are not overly processed.  Well, it turns out that they’re delicious! This has been quite an awakening and goes against everything I have ever heard or been taught since I was 10 years old, in my 30 years of “healthy eating”.  I can’t wait to even get further into this “diet”, which I feel guilty even calling a DIET.  So if you are “health conscious” I recommend that you give this a try, just for a week, and see what happens.”

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