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My Favorite Practitioners


Whether you're addicted to it, or have never had a great massage, these folks will ease those sore spots and leave you feeling refreshed!

Diane Evans

Johnie Kelly, Jr.


Sometimes you just need to get things put back where they belong.  Be it a regular appointment, or an emergency visit, Dom is the BEST!

Dominque Biner

Physical/Occupational/Speech Therapy

In-home services specializing in geriatric care.  Supporting patients in their recovery from injury, post-surgery, or a chronic condition in the comfort, convenience and privacy of their own home. 

Doctors/Integrative Medicine

These practitioners won't just send you on your way with a new prescription.  They'll work with you (and me) to get to the root cause of all your ailments, and support your journey to optimizing your health. 

Yumi Ando, M.D

Kathyrn Saxton, D.O.

Dr. Richard Lee

Other Integral Practitioners to an Optimal Life!

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