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Personal Training

Daniella Dayoub


Personal training should be exactly that:  all about you! 

After doing a physical assessment, I'll help you by designing a program that is both fun and effective to reach your goals.  

I'm in it to win it, so whatever makes you tick, is what we'll strive for!

I also know that we have to look at the WHOLE person, so if it helps you optimize your health, I will work on your food choices.  As an FDN practitioner, we can also look under the hood at gut, hormone, thyroid, and detoxification function.  

Certified Personal Trainer- ACE, NCSF

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner 

Whole Health Educator- NIWH


TRX Certified 

Eva Scott

Offering more than just conventional training, I help my clients achieve fast changes in movement quality, reduce pain, and reach their fitness goals through understanding how the brain works. Assessment and reassessment are the only way to respond to your body’s needs. Give it a try: you’ll be amazed by what you can accomplish when your brain works in harmony with the rest of your body.

Certified Personal Trainer- ACSM

Z-Health Performance Coach

TRX Certified

Crossfit Trainer

Functional Movement Screen Certified

C.H.E.K. Institute Holistic Lifestyle Coach and Level II Exercise Coach

Rachel Phelps


Each individual has specific needs and abilities .  I love the challenge of tailoring sessions and designing movements to suit each person, keeping sessions fun and effective.  I use applied neurology to improve the quality and comfort of movement:  relieving tension, pain, and supporting injury recovery and rehabilitation. 

Certified Personal Trainer, NFPT

Z-Health Performance Coach

Jazzercise Instructor

Casey Hirsch

My passion for fitness started with playing professional soccer:  sweating, competition, getting my heart rate up and working towards a goal (literally). During an off season I became involved with SoulCycle. The last 4 years my instructing at Soulcycle has revved up my passion for health and wellness and led to also becoming a personal trainer and certified health coach. I believe that living our healthiest life will allow us enjoy life to its absolute fullest potential. It is my duty to bring as many people as I can on this journey to living their best life.

Certified Personal Trainer- NASM

Certified Health Coach- Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Jonathan Cucculelli

Jonathan leans on his extensive sports and certification background as well as his experience with functional training to achieve his client goals. His focus of training extends beyond just weight loss and muscle gain and enters into the realm of corrective exercise while still keeping things entertaining and exciting!

Certified Personal Trainer- ISSA

Nutrition Specialist- ISSA

Exercise Therapy Certified- ISSA

Corrective Exercise Specialist- ISSA



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