Targeted Lab Testing to Find the Root of Your Health Issues

Sometimes you're already doing

all the "right things", but still not reaching that optimal level of health!  By assessing gut function, hormones, detoxification, and more, I can help you finally reach those once illusive health goals. 


  • Meet and Greet:  Let's just get to know each other.  During this free chat, we'll discuss how and if diagnostic nutrition can help you on your road to optimal health. 

  • Initial Intake:  $200 After I have you fill out some comprehensive questionnaires, we'll evaluate various aspects of your health and build out a plan going forward.  This may or may not include additional testing. 

  • Blood Chemistry Analysis:  $200  Just using your standard blood work, I'll use functional medicine lab ranges for optimal health to find areas that need attention, and illuminate patterns that might impact your health. 

  • Regular Check-Up: $300  Once or twice a year you might just need a tune-up.  We'll review your most recent blood work (or I can order for you), we'll review your sleep, digestion, nutrition, stress, and cognition.  

  • Functional Lab Testing: $300/month If we decide that you'd benefit from additional lab testing in the way of stool tests, saliva, blood, etc., we will work through it together.  I require a minimum of 4 months commitment (for 1-3 tests ordered). 

  • Additional Lab Tests:  additional $100/month For each test over 3

  • Follow Up Lab Testing:  $250/month  After you've completed protocols due to results of initial testing, we can order follow-up testing.  This is only on a month-to-month basis.  




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