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Rest, Stress Management &
Functional Diagnostic Testing

Real change comes when we give our bodies the chance to recover.  If you're not feeling well, let's look at why.  Beyond simple stress management, I can test your hormones, adrenals, gut function, and much more to look deeper and find out WHY you don't feel great!

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Functional Diagnostic Testing
Lifestyle Change

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Discovery Call

30 min Free

Not sure what functional diagnostic testing can do for you?  Let's talk about what you have going on, and what steps we can take together to get you feeling your best.

Diagnostic Initial Intake


We'll go through comprehensive assessments, questionnaires, and your medical history.  From there we will decide next steps.  This may include some testing to uncover underlying causes of why you don't feel your best.

Testing with Ongoing Coaching

(3 mos min)
Lab Costs Not Included

If we decide to move forward with testing, I require us to work together no less than 3 months.  This way we have time to instigate new protocols and see them through to the end.

Follow-Up Testing

Lab Costs Not Included

Once we've completed protocols, we may want to retest and see how far you've come.

Regular Check-Up

Lab Costs Not Included

We can meet up once or twice a year to review your health goals and progress.  I'll go over recent blood work, current supplements, and have you fill out new assessments.  Let's keep you on track.

Blood Chemistry Analysis


Just because your results are normal, doesn't mean they are healthy.  I'll take your standard blood panel and run it through functional (read "optimal health") ranges.  I'll also look for patterns within results that might illuminate healing opportunities.

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