Daniella Dayoub has been a personal trainer for over 11 years. In that time, she has worked with all age groups and fitness levels


Daniella Dayoub has been a personal trainer for over 11 years.  In that time, she has worked with all age groups and fitness levels. Regardless of what your starting point is, you can always get stronger, faster, or just move a little better. 

Whether you are looking to gain more muscle mass, increase energy and stamina, or lean out, there is a workout program for you. 


Through an initial assessment, you will learn more about what’s going on with your own body, and Daniella will be able to design your programming based on your personal physical needs.  She prides herself on making every workout fun, challenging, and always new. Please note that all new clients must undergo an assessment, and do so individually, before beginning their ongoing program with Daniella. 

Want the personalized attention but need to cut costs?  Try small-group training.  By teaming up with a like-minded and equally matched partner (or two), you get to save money, have more fun, and still reap the great benefits of personal training!

The hardest part of personal training is just setting up the first session. Once you see how great you feel afterward, the rest comes easy.

Training Services
Personal Training
Small-Group Training

Initial Consultation/Assessment

Per-Session (60-min)

Per-Session (45-min)

Per-Session (30-min)

Monthly Retainer (1 session/wk)

Monthly Retainer (2 sessions/wk)

Monthly Retainer (3 sessions/wk)

*Small-group training discount: $20 is discounted per session and either refunded at month’s end or credited to next month’s balance based on number of group sessions attended.  Group sessions with only 1 attendee are not eligible for the discounted rate.   Contact Daniella if you have questions.

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