Summer Body Fat Loss Challenge Begins!

Posted On: April 30, 2017

Tomorrow is May, and it’s the launch of our BayFit Body Fat Loss Challenge.  

If you have not already signed up yet, there is still time!  Click on this link to find a day/time/location that works for you, and get in there ASAP!

Whether you are joining in with us at the studio, or doing so remotely, email me directly with your results (they will be sent to you via email from BodySpec).  We are giving away prizes to the rock star who loses the most percentage body fat as well as the most VAT (visceral adipose tissue).

In addition, I will be working with everyone in their sessions to follow these guidelines as we cruise through the next three months:

  • MAY:  STRENGTH AND MUSCLE-BUILDING!  We’ll lift heavy and push to the limit.  We’ll wake up those muscles and get some good core built up.  Meanwhile you’ll need to work on cleaning up the diet.  This month is all about clean eating:  no sugar, no processed junk, all natural.  Don’t worry about the quantity this month, just worry about the QUALITY!!
  • JUNE:  ENDURANCE AND BURN!​  Now we shift into a slower burn mode.  Longer sets with lighter weights until it aches!  No rest for the wicked this month.  Food– now we start streamlining.  Cut out the empty calories, only nutrient dense foods.  No treat/cheats.  LEAN AND MEAN TIME. 
  • JULY:  MET CON!!  This is when we switch into high gear.  Lots of sprints/burst training.  Going from high intensity to low intensity back and forth and taking your metabolism into the fat burning zone!! Food- we play with skipping a few meals here and there and drop as many carbs from the diet as you can to drop those last few inches of stubborn fat.  
I’ll be talking nutrition with everyone during these three months, but if you’d like some personalized attention on this, I’ll be offering my nutrition counseling at a 25% discount for all those competing in the body fat loss challenge.  
If you’re taking this on your own, feel free to follow the above guidelines and hit me up when you like.  I’d love to hear about your progress and work with you to lean out this Summer!!


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