Storage Upgrade: Ultraviolet Glass

Posted On: February 16, 2017

I was recently approached by a lovely company about trying out their products.  I get these things often, but once in a while I find something worth sharing with you.  Infinity Jars has figured out how to make beautiful storage containers that are both functional and affordable.  These glass jars and bottles are made from a dark purple/black UV filtering glass that prevents oxidizing your oils, herbs, or whatever you store in them.  These bottles are completely air tight and don’t allow any scents to come out.  I honestly would love to switch all my spices to these containers as well as my cosmetics.  They are just stunning!

They were kind enough to let me have two containers that I just love.  The first one here is a 500ml screw top glass jar that I have chosen to use for my yummy cashew addiction.  Those darn legumes seem to go rancid so easily, and this will allow me to keep them way longer without having to throw them away too soon.

I also got this lovely glass water bottle.  To be honest, I’m a little clumsy, so I’m nervous to take it around town.  However, it will do nicely to chill filtered water in the fridge and pour for my guests.  So classy!!

When I received the glass storage bottles from Infinity Jars, I was quite impressed.  They had bubble wrapped everything to perfection.  They even included adhesive customizable labels and cleaning cloth.  If you are interested in upgrading your storage from clear glass, or even from plastic, I recommend you check out Infinity Jars.  I don’t get any kind of kick back on this folks, just passing along the info.


Yours in Health!



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