Clean Eating

Posted On: May 10, 2017

Okay, so we’ve got the Summer Body Fat Loss Challenge in full swing.  Some of you have already gotten your initial scans from BodySpec.  If you haven’t already, make your appointment online here and get those baseline numbers.  If you’re entering the challenge, please send me your results via email to

For May I’m asking everyone to CLEAN UP the diet.

This can mean a lot of things depending on where you’re starting. Most of you already know what could stand to go and what you need to add in to get a “cleaner” version of your current diet.  You don’t have to go nuts, but make at least one or two tweaks to get things moving.  Below are a few ideas of changes you could make to eat clean. 

  • Try swapping out the morning oatmeal/granola for organic yogurt and berries
  • Instead of artificial creamer in your coffee, try simple whole milk or heavy cream.
  • When you need a desk break, bypass the snack area and go for a quick lap around the building or go up and down a few flights of stairs.
  • Take your usual lunch sandwich and throw the contents on a bed of lettuce
  • Swap out the burrito for tacos.
  • Challenge yourself to fill half your lunch plate with veggies.
  • Go to farmer’s market this week and try a vegetable you’ve never eaten before.
  • Swap out pastas and rice for potatoes and other tubers to increase nutrient density.
  • Ditch dessert in lieu of frozen grapes, fresh berries, or just a sparkling water

To support you I decided to clean up my own diet.  I have to say, I do pretty darn well most of the time.  However, wine has become quite a weakness for me.  So for 90 days I’m off the booze altogether.  So far I’m 10 days in and feeling pretty good.  It’s hardest when I go out to eat, as somehow it just seems weird to not order a glass of wine with my dinner.  Other than that, I actually don’t seem to really miss it!  Oh, well there was that one night out for Mexican food. Darn that stuff tastes different without a margarita!!

I’d love to hear how YOU are cleaning up your diet.  Please make a comment below.  It might help others figure out ways they can propel themselves to the next level!!


  1. Anne-Marie says:

    I had to give up gluten and dairy (and four other ingredients) January 1st for allergy testing. Since then, I have lost several pounds and knocked a minute off my per-mile run pace (no difference in training). While I’ve added back the other ingredients, I have sworn off gluten for good, and eliminated cow-based dairy products. For the rest of this month, my goal is to cut back on my major cheat food — corn tortilla chips. Amazing what small changes can do.

  2. Daniella says:

    I love this! Yeah, gluten is a sneaky one. I don’t think I’ll ever get back on it either. So proud of you!

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