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  • Whole Health Nutrition Educator from the National Institute of Whole Health, 2010
  • Barefoot Rehab Specialist from Evidence Based Fitness Academy (EFFA) 2014
  • Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), 2013
  • Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES) National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), 2006
  • Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) National Council of Strength and Fitness (NCSF) since 2004
  • CPT American Council on Exercise (ACE) since 2005
  • Certified SPX instructor by creator Sebastien Lagree, 2011
  • Level 3 yoga instructor with Yogafit, 2009
  • GSTC (Group Suspension Training Course) and STC from Fitness Anywhere (the makers of TRX), 2009
  • Certified to train women pre/post-natal ACE

Bio: Know your Personal Trainer

Daniella Dayoub graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 1999, with a B.S. in Textile Science and Retail Merchandising.  After graduation Daniella spent six years managing retail stores in both Los Angeles and Palo Alto.  It didn’t take her long to realize that being a career woman in this field would never yield true reward.

Daniella returned to what had been a source of inspiration for her: fitness and nutrition. She decided to get her first certification in personal training. “It took me a year to accomplish while maintaining the usual long retail hours, but once it was done, I decided to take the leap! I quit my job without thinking twice about it, and spent the next few months getting started in a new industry.  It was the smartest choice I’ve made, and I have never looked back.”

For Daniella being a personal trainer has allowed her the opportunity to work with all types of people, body types, various personalities, and a myriad of physical conditions. She works with men and women of all ages to accomplish their goals. “Some of my clients are seeking sleek and toned physiques, others are aiming for a more functional life, and some are just looking to work post-rehab to recondition their bodies.  I have worked with people in their 80’s and kids barely hitting puberty. I work with people who are fighting severe obesity, and those struggling to gain five pounds.”

“Many of my clients work with me either daily or weekly on fine-tuning their diets to give them energy, strength, and overall wellness. Without the nutritional aspect of the equation, workouts are only partially effective. I have proven time and again, that the two together are the only way to achieve your goals most efficiently.”

Daniella’s Personal Story

Growing up in a very active household had great impact on how I live my life.  Sitting still is just not my forte.  However, I am a perfectionist by nature and very driven.  All of this has led me down a not so pretty path to an eating disorder.  It came to a head in college when I found that my slight physique and exhausting study schedule were destroying me.  The only thing that got me to finally start eating more was finding exercise.  My personal trainer boyfriend got me lifting weights, and suddenly I realized that being strong felt good. 

Over the next decade, I still struggled with food obsession and body dysmorphia.  Even after I had switched over to the fitness industry, I had an inner struggle with what I knew were the good things to do for my body versus what the scale and calorie-counting were telling me.  It’s a horrible existence that a lot of women live with for their whole lives.  

Once I decided to have a family, getting really healthy became my priority.  Years of mistreating my body had left me with osteopenia, hypothyroidism, and a slew of other mental hurdles.  Enough was enough.  I was, and am, bound and determined to not let my daughter see me struggle with the same old issues.  I also want to be a good example for her on how to be a strong, independent, and proud woman. 

Last year, I started getting more interested with eating an Ancestral-type diet.  Call it Paleo, Primal, or whatever, it has changed my life.  Learning to embrace saturated fats, animal products, and veggies galore has changed me forever.  My years of buying pre-packaged diet foods, non-caloric drinks, and tasteless substitutes are over.  In the process of giving up grains, legumes, sugar, and nutrient-depleting processed foods has been so illuminating.  I’m finally enjoying my food, able to think clearly all day, and not obsess about what my next meal will be.  It’s truly amazing.  My body and mind have never felt better.  

My blog has become a sounding board for all my nutritional changes, research, and challenges.  I urge you to join in the conversation.  I love to hear what others are going through: good, bad, and everything in between.  Fitness and nutrition are such personal processes, and finding a good personal trainer and nutrition counselor are crucial.  If you think you’d like some help in your own path, please feel free to contact me.   

Yours, in health



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